I will be speaking at meshed#1 in Linz this month. Topic: strategies in using social networks, cases and future development of advertising in light of emerging media. Following is the official statement from meshed#1:

meshed#1, Social Media & Online-Marketing Conference
28th – 29th May, Linz, Ars Electronica Center

Although the use of Social Media and Online-Marketing is constantly growing and exeeding, there are still companies that are not in use of it. Out of this, the idea of holding a conference Read more

Or: The end of marketing, as we know it, is near… Pt. 2

Think about advertising as a large water park with various swimming pools. In the different pools are the recipients, our consumers. They swim around and talk to each other and enjoy their lives. The advertiser sits in the lifeguard chair (think of it as a podium), with his megaphone and yells to the consumers. If he shouts the message loud enough, at the right time and if it is meaningful, maybe the consumers listen.

So this has been the job of the advertiser for quite some time. He had to decide which pool to shout his message to, which message would get the swimmers to listen and which bullhorn would reach the most swimmers. A good advertiser would have a great message and deliver it in such a way that most of the pool listened. New advances in technology enabled great messages to be carried from pool to pool. With each advance, the advertiser adapted and then kept right on shouting his message to the consumers.

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After the discussion here and on Draftfcb’s blog, I asked visitors to answer a couple of questions in a short poll on the usage of social networking platforms. The poll is closed and we have some interesting results:

Professional Usage of Social Networks

Professional Usage of Social Networks

More than 70% of the respondents claimed to use business networks, such as LinkedIn, Ecademy or XING professionally. While this is no surprise based on the purpose of these networks, Read more