Well, you can call your customers “idiots”, for giving you feedback on your (false) products or websites. Or you can regard criticism as relevant feedback on your products and services and thank customers for giving hints where you can do better. In times where blogs and twitter are used to update and inform friends, users, customers, … Read more

Thinking about building brand experience through online contents?
Well, bloggers may appear to be a good way to create and promote your brand.

Why should you consider social media marketing for your brand:

  • Becuase your customers might prove to be “good” content providers.
  • Because your customers are brand messengers and influencers.
  • And finally because there is notheing wrong in asking your customers Read more

Should a company have a Social Media Strategy?

Should a company listen to what consumers have to say? What happens if the company doesn’t listen? Is it the responsibility of the company to enter into a dialog with their consumers?

For years corporate communication has been seen as a monolog. Companies have grown accustomed to the one-way channel of TV, Radio and Magazines etc. talking to consumers. Read more