This will quickly become the most famous Apple Store in China: BirdAbroad – a blogger in Kunming – posted photos along with the story of a local store which actually looked just like one Apple’s iconic retail stores.


It featured the standard design elements: glass exterior, winding staircase inside, pale wood display tables and of course giant posters displaying the iPad 2 and other Apple products, plus a neatly organized accessories wall.


English: Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China

English: Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Remember Google Buzz? Or Google Wave?

Well, Google has tried several times to take on Facebook to conquer and master social networking – without much success. Now it is making its biggest effort yet.

(c) Google Inc

Google introduced its social networking service called the Google+ project.  Similarities to existing Social Network are pure coincidence ;-). Google’s service, which is initially available to selected Google users, who will soon be able to invite others, will let people share and discuss status updates, photos and links, much as they do on Facebook.

Google+ is meant for sharing with groups – whether colleagues, family or sports friends – not with all of your friends or even the entire Web. Features include group text messaging and video chat. Read more