Social Media Campaign Takes Media Grand Prix in Cannes

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This year’s Grand Prix in the media category went to Leo Burnett Sydney for the “EOS Photochains” campaign for the Canon EOS camera in Australia. The firm invited users to upload their photos and link them to others to create chains that were then featured on billboards. The execution captured “the heart of what social media should be,” said jury President Laura Desmond, CEO of Starcom MediaVest.

Eos Photochains

Eos Photochains

People were encouraged by Canon to take a photo and select a detail, which served as an inspiration for the next photographer. As the photo chain grew, photographers were able to upload their pictures and create a new chain or join existing photo chains. Billboards featuring a real photo from one of the photo chains, along with the photographer who created it, became a national ad campaign. The attached social media platform grew with every photograph. On the website, people could track their own or someone else’s photos, follow the photographers they liked and view tutorials.

What do you think – was the campaign worth a lion?

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