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This year’s Grand Prix in the media category went to Leo Burnett Sydney for the “EOS Photochains” campaign for the Canon EOS camera in Australia. The firm invited users to upload their photos and link them to others to create chains that were then featured on billboards. The execution captured “the heart of what social media should be,” said jury President Laura Desmond, CEO of Starcom MediaVest. Read more

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The 2010 FIFA World Cup may be the biggest social-media event to date, some bloggers argue, as fans from around the world flock to sites such as Facebook and Twitter to follow their teams. Brands such as Sony Ericsson and Coca-Cola are racing to jump on the bandwagon, launching countless soccer-related social campaigns to coincide with the start of the event.

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The failure of Delta to respond in time on Twitter (or actually any communication channel) is more than irritating, as the airline industry already had its “bad behavior” example beginning this year when Ryanair failed to answer a consumer complaint in a fashionable way. There was a lot of buzz in the marketing community and you would expect an airline like Delta to learn from competitor’s mistakes.

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The statement “We will align our social-media strategy to be in sync with our other communication vehicles for the benefit of our customers and employees.” leaves the consumers at least with the hope the industry is going to change soon towards a positive customer experience. However, I wrote such a statement already a couple of months ago after the Ryanair case and obviously nothing has really changed…

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