Oliver T. Hellriegel @ meshed#1

Oliver T. Hellriegel @ meshed#1

A couple of weeks ago I held a keynote at meshed#1, Social Media & Online-Marketing Conference in Linz, Austria.

According to computerwelt.at this was the first conference on Social Media in Austria (which came as a surprise, to be honest). Attendees were mostly Marketing Professionals from companies, some of them already familiar with Social Media.

So what did the attendants learn? Read more

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Competing with Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) for one million followers on Twitter, CNN has made a remarkable move to acquire an existing account (@cnnbrk). Outside the US probably hard to understand – with less than one million Twitter users in most countries – the topic hit the media already big time.

Ashton Kutcher and CNN are currently followed by the most subscribers on Twitter, but the @cnnbrk account wasn’t even fed with content by the US news channel so far. It belonged to a private person, who did not have any relation with CNN. Read more

Well, you can call your customers “idiots”, for giving you feedback on your (false) products or websites. Or you can regard criticism as relevant feedback on your products and services and thank customers for giving hints where you can do better. In times where blogs and twitter are used to update and inform friends, users, customers, … Read more