How to build Brand Experience using Social Marketing?


Thinking about building brand experience through online contents?
Well, bloggers may appear to be a good way to create and promote your brand.

Why should you consider social media marketing for your brand:

  • Becuase your customers might prove to be “good” content providers.
  • Because your customers are brand messengers and influencers.
  • And finally because there is notheing wrong in asking your customers

Sure, there is a risk to scare them away, but you should go ahead and think about it. It’s not the Wild Wild West anymore; most of the users are conscious of their actions and will respect equity, objectives and your policies. Just regard the social media space in general and blogs in particular as another type of regular media to use, but with a very personal touch.

But opposed to most other media a blog is a living media: Content changes every day and your original subject gets out of focus with every post. In addition you will have bloggers that are more active than others, the so-called leaders (in the older days of the internet we had forums, not blogs, and we had administrators…).

No matter if your blog follows some basic rules that you have set and control, there are also implicit rules based on habits of your bloggers: length, style, manner…

And last but not least your blog is always subject to constant change and adaptation.

The main challenge for your brand is to find out if your social marketing strategy is in line with your overall brand positioning. If that’s the case your blog and the bloggers carry a lot of opportunities to build, establish and enhance your brand, despite the risks contained in such a strategy.

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  1. Rob Myers
    Rob Myers says:

    Just figure out what a brand is: it’s a perception, a view, an opinion. As such one has to determine how that perception is built up.
    Today we have many sources, not least of which is advertising, the way a company behaves and the Customer Experience people enjoy.
    Having said that, it is clear that Social Media Marketing is a part of each brand.

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