Using Social Networking Platforms Professionally, Part 2

After the discussion here and on Draftfcb’s blog last week, I have decided to follow up with a short poll on the usage of social networking platforms.

You can check as many answers as you like. If you would like to add other forms of networking platforms you can enter them in the field “Other“. Please separate multiple entries with commas. If you don’t use networking platforms at all for business purposes, just mention “None” in the field “Other“.
The poll should appear within this post; if not please go directly to the poll on PollDaddy’s site.
Thanks for your help!

The poll is closed. The results can be found in another post on this blog.

The original posts can be found here and on Draftfcb’s blog.

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  1. Werner S
    Werner S says:

    In my opinion, social marketing and to an extent networking via Facebook, Linkedin, Ecademy, xing, twitter et al has limits. If members themselves or tools on the sites do not limit the network of each individual to specific interest groups or themes, a network of many thousands per individual becomes useless. The normal human beings capacity to effectively network extends to an inner circle of somewhere between 120 to 200 people.
    To still get effect from the use social marketing/business networking beyond a certain point, the story becomes the same as spam: a lot, and I mean a lot, of additional spams need to be sent to attain any benefit (the next action/sale). At a certain point, thus, saturation is reached.

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