Consequences of the PublicisRazorfish Deal.

There has been speculation, now it’s confirmed: Publicis Groupe SA and Microsoft announced Sunday that they had come to an agreement over the acquisition of Razorfish by Publicis in a deal valued at about $530 million. The deal brings Razorfish organizationally under VivaKi, the Publicis unit that has at its core a deepening of relationships between the company and media vendors.

A couple of weeks ago I have been asked by a German Internet magazine to write a guest comment on the speculations. I have been writing about the value of such an acquisition and the terms Microsoft has been exploring including a long-term agreement to utilize Microsoft’s technology, software and advertising assets.

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meshed#1, social media conference

meshed#1, social media conference

As mentioned before I will be speaking at meshed#1, Social Media & Online-Marketing Conference in Linz end of May.

The host was so kind to give me a couple of tickets for a draw.
The draw can be entered in a very simple way: just follow my Twitter account @oth11. I will be tweeting a message about the draw over the next couple of hours. All you have to do is retweet the message including the hash tags, come back to this article and post a comment with your full name and your twitter account. Read more

I will be speaking at meshed#1 in Linz this month. Topic: strategies in using social networks, cases and future development of advertising in light of emerging media. Following is the official statement from meshed#1:

meshed#1, Social Media & Online-Marketing Conference
28th – 29th May, Linz, Ars Electronica Center

Although the use of Social Media and Online-Marketing is constantly growing and exeeding, there are still companies that are not in use of it. Out of this, the idea of holding a conference Read more