NEW YORK Like many utopian visions, Second Life was uncompromising in its laissez-faire approach. The virtual world was launched as a platform that allowed users to do pretty much whatever they pleased, Read more

What makes me believe that?

Marketing as we know it since centuries in industrial societies: research departments develop products, production departments produce and marketing departments push the mass products in the market. Now this model has exceeded its zenith, not at least because it’s getting harder for Marketing to reach the customer. Read more

OK, here we are…

I’ve been talking so much about web x.0, social communities and modern forms of marketing and e-commerce, that it’s hard to believe I never started my own blog.
As a matter of fact, I thought it might be a good idea to share some of my knowledge, thoughts, experience, dreams, etc. with the “rest of the world”.

I hope you find some valuable information and share some of your thoughts.

All the best. Oliver.